• Appetizers
  • Beers
  • Nigiri
  • Rolls
  • Rice paper rolls
  • SUSHI Platter
  • House Dinners
  • Noodles
  • SUMO Specialty Drinks
  • SUMO Teppanyaki Dinners
  • Edamame

    Steamed baby soy bean in the pod

  • Seaweed Salad

    Seaweed & cucumber

  • Ika Sunomono(Squid Salad)

    Squid & Crabmeat on top of thin sliced cucumber marinated in flavored rice vinegar

  • Tako Sunomono(Squid Salad)

    Octopus & Crabmeat on top of thin sliced cucumber marinated in flavored rice vinegar

  • Asparagus

    Sauteed with special seasoning & served with ginger sauce

  • Crab Rangoon

    Deep fried dumpling stuffed with crabmeat & creamcheese(5pcs)

  • Agedashi Tofu

    lightly battered & deep fried diced tofu in tempura sauce

  • Chawamushi

    Japanese flavored steamed egg custard with shrimp, chicken, mushroom, scallion & etc in tea cup

  • Gyoza

    Pan fried dumplings stuffed with pork & vegetables(6pcs)

  • Fried Mushrooms

    Battered & deep fried fresh mushroom served with Sumo dressing

  • Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

    Deep fried jalapeno peppers stuffed with creamcheese & served with plum sauce

  • Kushi Katsu

    Japanese style deep fried kebab, Pork cutlet on bamboo skewer

  • Yakitori

    Japanese style barbecued chicken on bamboo skewer with teriyaki sauce

  • Chicken Wings

    Deep fried wings with Sumo sauce

  • Chicken Fingers

    Breaded in Japanese bread crumbs with special sauce(5pcs)

  • Sesame Chicken

    Juicy fried chicken with sesame teriyaki sauce

  • Chicken Lettuce Wrap

    Diced grilled chicken and vegetable with oyster sauce served with lettuce (Spicy on request)

  • Shrimp Tempura

    Light battered & deep fried shrimp & vegetables served with dipping sauce

  • Shrimp Cocktail

    Boiled shrimp served chilled with a zesty cocktail sauce

  • Bacon Scallop

    Bacon-wrapped scallops skewered with garlic cream sauce

  • Crispy Calamari

    Fried calamari served with cream sauce

  • Mushroom Batayaki

    Sauteed white & shitake mushrooms with cream sauce (white mushrooms only upon request)

  • Sushi Appetizers

    Nigiri 5ps 

  • Crab Claws

    Deep fried crab claws with ginger sauce

  • Crarb Cakes

    Deep fried crab cakes with cream sauce(3pcs)

  • Hamachikame

    Grilled yellowtail collar served with ponzu sauce

  • Seafood dynamite

    Baked shrimp, scallop & crabmeat mixed with spicy lobster cream sauce

  • Beef tataki

    Thinly sliced, seared beef served with ponzu sauce

  • Tuna tataki

    Thinly sliced, seared tuna served with ponzu sauce

  • Soft sheel crab

    Lightly battered and deep fried soft shell crab served with ginger sauce

  • Sashimi Appetizers

    sashimi 9ps